• Size (h w d): 60 x 55 cm
  • Medium: Ink on Yupo
  • Subject Matter: Abstract
  • Type: Works on Paper
  • Creation Date: March 2021

This work is a meditation on the Coronavirus and how it has impacted our lives.

Every point I drew stands for life lost by the pandemic, more than three million to date. As I meditate on how this insidious virus affects the world, I think of how many invisible people have died in other countries. This work is a memorial for them too.

My work consists of tiny points on YUPO, a super white tree-free synthetic paper as a nod to our medical workers. The marks are in specific nib sizes, forming circles sybolising empirical data on this virus and its cluster formation.

I start with thousands of marks in a pixelated noise. As I tap away, I start seeing the patterns emerge, which I then deliberately shape. The points radiate rhythmically like a contained loudspeaker at low frequencies. Sound waves contract and expand frequently, just as we are bombarded by the news often. And in tiny pixels on a screen, we see the images. We cannot escape; we are all affected to various degrees.

My father died a few months ago. I couldn't be by his side as he was dying; I couldn't attend his funeral; I couldn't visit my mother. I don't know when I will ever see my only sibling living in England or my mother in South Africa, but I know that I am not alone in my heartache.

The creative process is a comfort to me, and patterns fascinate me. I hope that viewers sense my joy in making this work. Microscopic to macroscopic, we are connected to the universe and to each other, from the neuron to the nebulae.

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